A bit about Sian
I have recently completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts and spent the last year of my degree working predominantly in watercolour on wood panels and have really enjoyed exploring this medium as I have always loved the fluidity and emotional aesthetic it holds. My current work is definitely emphasizing that interest as I am painting very ephemeral and emotional based works. In October (2010) I had an exhibition with fellow artist and good friend Amalie Terrmansen at the George Fraser Gallery - Auckland University which explored the idea of displacement and ephemeral transitions, we both work in watercolour and explore the medium in quite different ways. We enjoyed this exhibition greatly. Previously I have done a lot of installation and sculpture work, mainly resin and fibre glass. It is an area I am still interested in but am currently focusing on my painting and improving my skills in this area. I have completed my post graduate studies at Elam (2012).